Pedro’s passion for the Ocean and being in the water came in his early age dedicating countless hours swimming, bodyboarding and surfing. His mother, a contemporaryartist and a great swimmer, was the one who used to take him for long distances swimming in the sea during his early childhood. She also had a big influence in Pedro’s artistic style, a trade mark of his work as a photographer. Using his family Nikon 35mm manual camera, Pedro started to take his first photos as a hobby at very young age. His first opportunity to work in professional environment was in 1998 in Australia where he worked as a photographer assistant at Fishbone Studios in Sydney. During his time in Australia, Pedro had the opportunity to work with some renowned photographers, learning and developing his skills in many different fields of photography .

    Surf photography came later in his life. When Pedro moved to Japan he faced some hard time in his professional career and a new start was needed. Using his photography’s skills combined with his large experience in rough seas, Pedro was able to create amazing surf and seascape photographs,  bringing a new fresh start to his  professional  career.  Soon enough Pedro start to get his photos published in several magazines around the world and  became one  of  the main contributor  to the biggest surf  website in the world, He had finally found his true calling! Currently Pedro shoots for the major surf magazines in Japan, being often requested to cover international surf trips, as well as contributing to several International magazines, publishing companies, websites and well known world brands.


     Beyond surf photography, Pedro also shoots other sports like soccer, fashion, landscape, cars among other things. On his clients list are renown companies like Nissan, Honda, Patagonia and Yokohama Marinos . Pedro also acts as a photo director, videographer and coordinator to agencies that produce movies and documentaries to TV channels such as NHK, Globo Esporte, Canal Off and others. For being essentially a surf photographer that spends long hours inside the water, Pedro knows very well how to deal with adverse situations and how to work under pressure. With his own style and method of work, and always having the best interest of his clients at heart, he delivers quality contents to all his contractors building a trustworthy partnership. Pedro is passionate about his work and he uses his many skills to produce consistently standout images in every job he takes on.​

Pedro Gomes

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